The Daisie Chain – created and nurtured by Emma Watts, out of an acute awareness of the need to meaningfully make connections between residents of Aged Care facilities, their families, volunteers and service providers (performers, teachers, entertainers, instructors etc)

As a young girl, Emma Watts The Daisie Chain’s passionate director, would listen to her beautiful Nan sing “Daisy Daisy” to her – Emma’s Nan was always her biggest fan when it came to her love of music and Nan would come to all of her concerts, wherever and whenever they were.


Beautiful Nan who has now passed away, was previously in a nursing home in the UK and it would’ve been very satisfying, and wonderful for her, if Emma could have sent a ‘surrogate visitor’ in on her behalf to visit.


Now, as a music teacher and Zumba Gold instructor, Emma has seen so many times, how the power of music and movement have been transformational for elderly people who sometimes seem lost in their own world – and through her experiences, Emma has also witnessed many residents who seldom receive visitors.


Enter The Daisie Chain – Connecting People With The Elderly – either through its Visitor Service which is a voluntary service matching volunteer visitors to residents, or through its ‘Daisie Chain Directory’, which helps Aged Care facilities to find enthusiastic entertainers, instructors and teachers.


The Daisie Chain provides a streamlined service, making life much easier for Aged Care staff who are already busy focusing on providing the best care for their residents.

All appropriate checks and qualifications of everyone involved, whether they be volunteers or service providers, is ensured before the go-ahead to be involved in our programs is granted.


Tracey McLean

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